About Us


My name is Adelina

I'm Adelina Antwi Agyei, and I've been a freelance photo model for the past six years. I'm very passionate about all things beautiful, and I enjoy being in front of the camera. I appreciate creative projects centered around clothes and dress-up, but my primary interests are beauty products, a little bit of fashion photography, swimwear, and lingerie. I currently work as a freelance model. With the intention to join a rising organization, I will develop with it while displaying its product on my platform if need be. I'm available for photo shoots in Sydney and Melbourne, but I'm also willing to travel elsewhere in Australia and overseas.

I am a suitable model for any beauty product and fashionable clothing because I am tall (5'8"), have naturally dark hair, and have smooth, tanned skin. I like collaborating with photographers, and ideally with firms that take a creative stance. I bring my enthusiasm and modeling love to every project I work on